The roots of the original Oktoberfest come from Munich where it is now held as one of the largest festivals in the world. The festival has its origins from the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Theresa the Princess of Saxony-Hildburghausen that was celebrated by the people of Munich 1n 1810. Today, the festival begins when the Mayor of Munich strikes the bung of a barrel of beer and fills and empties the first Mass on the 3rd Saturday of September at 12 o'clock noon. Mass is the most commonly used unit of measure - a 1 litre jar!
The original bratwurst and sourcrout!

Beer Festival

Today the Oktoberfest is perceived as a beer festival and it is celebrated all over the world. Delicious food like bratwursts with sourcrout and foaming beer pints are an essential part of this festival where people are merry and drinking is accompanied with singing. And a feast isn't a feast
without good food.
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Food and especially delicious German sausages with sourcrout are essential part of the Oktoberfest. These are our speciality. We import directly from Germany tasty bratwursts and weisswursts, which have the taste of Oktoberfest. Naturally we haven't forgotten various different kinds of mustards and naturally the sourcrout, which is the crown the crown of it all.
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Do you want to enjoy good food or discover new flavours? If you need original German bratwurst with sourcrout, come and meet us in our store in Kauppahalli in Hakaniemi.
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